Dear Wes,

First, I’d like to than you and your company and crew for a perfect memorial on August 10th for my mom, Myrtle Connelly. My brothers, myself, family and friends thought that it was the most fitting send off for Myrtle. Even the Goodyear blimp participated. As we left the harbor the blimp flew overhead with the message “Thanks for the memories, California.” How much better can it get.

Myrtle’s passing at 95 ment hat many who boarded the “White Light” were older. Your crew, Chris and Jeff. were so helpful getting everyone up the stairs and safely on board. Since we had food, there was extra work and clean up.

The memorial service and flowers for everyone on board was as mother would have wanted. Jeff’s skills as a chaptain were stellar as mom’s ashes were scattered, and we circled the area. He even did a few turns around the bouy so we could see the seals.

Anyway it was a perfect day for wonderful mom and a terrific group of friends and family. Plus the weather was perfect, no winds and calm seas. I am enclosing a check for Chris and Jeff to split for giving us such a fittng memorial and for their hard work helping everyone.

Thank You!
Maggie Connelly