A Checklist for Planning a Burial at Sea


Saying farewell to a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most challenging experiences in life. Meticulous planning becomes crucial when considering a burial at sea in Newport Beach, California.

Atlantis Society / Charter White Light lists some essential factors to consider to ensure a meaningful and dignified ceremony.

  • Transportation: Setting Sail for a Memorable Farewell

    For those opting for ash scattering in California, the first consideration is reliable transportation. Seek water burial services in your chosen location that can provide a boat. When selecting a boat, consider the number of attendees and communicate any special requests to the charter company beforehand.

  • Weather: Navigating the Winds of Nature

    A common concern during sea burials is the unpredictability of wind. It’s wise to bring a device indicating wind direction, even a simple ribbon on a stick, to avoid accidentally returning ashes to attendees. Take your time to assess the wind’s general direction and wait for a calm moment.

  • Memorable Experiences: Ensuring Memories Last

    Think of creative and meaningful ways to create enduring memories. That includes keeping everything on video. Recordings allow you to capture the emotional and poignant moments of the service. Creating personalized keepsakes for attendees can serve as tangible reminders of the event.

  • Journey Preparedness: Fit for the Occasion

    Whether traveling by boat, being adequately prepared for the journey is paramount. For example, boat decks can be slippery, so attendees should wear no-slip footwear. Consider the colder and windier conditions at sea, too, and bring plenty of layers for comfort.

For a burial ceremony in California, attention to detail and thoughtful preparation can transform a challenging moment into a fitting tribute to a cherished life.

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