Respect Your Loved One’s Choice for a Sea Burial


Choosing the final resting place for a loved one is a personal decision. For some, the allure of the open sea becomes a poignant choice. In this guide, we at Atlantis Society / Charter White Light explore the thoughtful and dignified process of burial at sea in Newport Beach, California, and how families can respect their loved one’s decision should they choose such a unique final resting place.

Sea burial planning is meticulous, requiring careful consideration of regulations and environmental impact. To respect your loved one’s decision, help them research the specific guidelines in your chosen location, ensuring a seamless and respectful farewell. Navigating these waters can be complex, but with the proper information, you can craft a ceremony that aligns with your loved one’s wishes.

Beyond the logistical aspects, embracing your loved one’s decision involves understanding the symbolism inherent in a sea burial ceremony in California. The ebb and flow of the tide symbolize the eternal cycle of life, bringing comfort to those grappling with loss.

During the ceremony, families can incorporate meaningful rituals or favorite readings to create a personalized and heartfelt experience. Whether a simple ash scattering or a more elaborate recorded ceremony, the sea offers a vast canvas for families to experience a memorable farewell.

Planning a burial at sea is a unique and compassionate way to honor a loved one’s final wishes. By navigating the intricacies of location-specific protocols and infusing the ceremony with personal touches, you can create a meaningful tribute that respects both the departed and those who remain. So, if your loved one wishes to lay to rest at sea, contact us for our ash scattering in California.

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