Sea Burials: Exploring Their Environmental Impacts


In an era where environmental consciousness is at the forefront, individuals are increasingly seeking eco-friendly alternatives for a final resting place for themselves or their loved ones. With this, sea burials, a poignant choice, carry both emotional significance and potential environmental benefits. Let’s explore why.

These days, sea burial has become popular, offering a serene and expansive setting for a meaningful farewell. Ash scattering in California (or wherever you reside) allows for a connection between the departed and the vastness of the sea while respecting the environment through a thoughtful dispersal of cremated remains.

Thus, se burials involve careful consideration of the ecological impact. The choice of location and materials are pivotal in ensuring that the attendees experience a dignified ceremony that aligns with sustainable practices.

Burial Planning for a sea interment requires attention to local regulations to ensure compliance with environmental standards. Understanding the guidelines specific to your planned location, such as a burial at sea in Newport Beach, California, is crucial to leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

For those mindful of budget constraints, a sea burial offers an affordable interment ceremony without compromising environmental ethics. Families don’t have to spend money securing expensive cemetery spaces while contributing to the growing issue of diminishing land burial spaces.

With all these in mind, the environmental impacts of sea burials underscore the importance of informed decision-making. At Atlantis Society / Charter White Light, individuals can choose a sea burial as a thoughtful and environmentally conscious way to bid farewell to their loved ones. To learn more about how we help officiate a burial ceremony in California, contact us at 949-949-0061.

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